Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Little Farmhouse That Could...

Good morning!

Like the rest of my world, my house was in the same winter slumber as me. I neglected her all winter long. But now that Spring is here, I am back on my mission to turn my colonial into a little farmhouse. Remember that mission? Well it was postponed for January, February and March {brrr too cold to do anything but wrap up in big, puffy blankets...} But it's April now so I need to get moving.

I have so much to do that I don't even know where to start. I want to do it simply and on a budget. I want it all to make sense {in my head anyway.}

I guess the best thing to do is go from room to room. And not to start with the next room until I finish with the first room. I will keep chugging along until I get it just right... adding and taking away as I go. Cleaning and purging. Simplifying. Making it feel like us.

I even can't wait to make my front porch, patio and backyard come alive with flowers. I love pansies, peonies, lilacs, even the little wild purple violets in the grass {I'll gather a tiny bouquet of them and put them in a little glass on my window sill.} I love cosmos, ranaculous, gerbera daisies and violas. I love them all. I'm not going to pretend I'm a good gardener... not by a long shot. I don't even know the proper names for most flowers {or how to spell a lot of them!} But that doesn't mean that I can't love surrounding myself with these beauties!

My favorite thing is gathering huge armfuls of lilacs and putting them in each room of my home. Mmmmmmmm. Smells heavenly. I am so happy we don't have allergies that would prevent me from bringing them in. I have 4 huge lilac trees that never disappoint. I just wish they lasted longer. They are gone in about a month! So when they are here, I savor every drop {and heavenly scent.}

I want a big basket like this to collect them in too. So farm girl chic, right?

I hope you have a Happy Thursday!

{I'll tell Isabel you said hello. Trust me, if you ever met her, you would be just as in love with her as I am. She needs to get a new shoe put on this morning. She was playing a little too rambunctiously and it's half on-half off now. The farrier is coming this morning so my fingers are crossed that I can ride her later this afternoon!}

Cheers to lilacs and Isabel...


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