Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Window Love...


Lordy, Lordy I am tired this morning... I had to crawl out of bed when the alarm went off {at least it was birds chirping at me rather than a buzzer.}

I'm rushing, trying to type and gulp my coffee down simultaneously because I have to work out this morning with my trainer. But the good news is that one of my best friend's is signing on today with me. That is motivation to get my butt there for sure. But I am tired. Wah.

Enough about that!

I wanted to talk window boxes today. You know, those lovely little additions that make your home explode with color. I think window boxes are so beautiful.

This one is delicious with the different color flowers, blue window and stone wall. My favorite by far. Just perfect.

I love that each window has a window box; I would have put different flowers in each box but that's just because I like to mix it up a bit. Overall, such a pretty look, right? It reminds me so much of a New England charmer.

I think the simplicity of these are great. Almost any window can have these along it. Gorgeous little potted plants. Great idea. Window love...

Trust me, if when I get my chickens, they will have a window box all their own. How darling is this? Pretty lucky chickens too.


Pics via: pinterest

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