Monday, April 21, 2014

The Land Of Hanging Planters...

Good morning and Happy Monday!

First off, there are now 4 eggs! Hopefully she's done or she'll need to swing by a hotel because her nest is full...

This weekend we did some planting. We're not even close to finished... this is actually just the beginning.

I found these incredible hanging planters {really organic looking} and they reminded me a little bit of bird's nests, so I had to have them. We bought 4 different styles so it looks really eclectic and fun. Here are a few pictures of them!

Aren't they great?!

Each planter is different.

Lots of pretty flowers planted.

I love getting my hands caked with dirt. It's fun and a great stress reliever. Hope you have a great Monday.

P.S. We have yet to power wash the house after the winter so don't judge...


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