Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yin And Yang...

So the saying goes... opposites attract. Nothing could be truer for one of my best friends and me.

She is glamour. I am more natural.

She loves Louis Vuitton. I love J. Crew.

She is loud and makes friends with everyone. I am more reserved and have a handful of close friends.

She wears lip gloss to get the mail. I run out in my pajamas to get the mail.

We are like yin and yang. And it just works.

We both own our own businesses.

We are work out buddies.

We laugh with each other.

We support each other.

We have been friends since 6th grade. We know everything about each other.

So yes, we are total and complete opposites, but we just work. She makes my life happier when I am with her.

See? Just like yin and yang.



Happy Tuesday.

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