Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chirp Chirp...

Good morning!

How did you wake up this morning? Were you jolted out of bed by a blast of music or a buzzer? Well since December, I've been waking up quite nicely. And here is why...

What do you get when you mix this...

With this...

Only the best alarm clock ever!
My husband knows me so well. Like yesterday, he called me to tell me that daylight saving time is on March 9th. He knows that I look soooo forward to the longer days! Sweet, huh.
But this past Christmas, he bought me a gift that was so thoughtful. He knows that I love birds and sitting on our back patio with my coffee listening to the birds chirp. We have a great property with tons of trees and birds singing all the time. So he got me an alarm clock that wakes me up by first a gradual light coming on to simulate the morning sunshine, and then when your actual programmed time to wake up hits, the birds begin chirping. It is the nicest way to wake up each morning... Instead of that horrid loud buzzer in your ear.
I was thinking about it this morning... how much I adore this alarm clock. What a great invention. But what an even better husband!
xoxo to you!
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