Monday, February 10, 2014

Vintage Seltzer Bottles...

Good morning my little wrens! {This is my new term of endearment for you.}

This weekend was busy. We went house shopping. We're kind of, but not really, in the market to buy a new house. See, I love my house, but I don't, but I do, but I don't, but I DO...

Now do you see why we are kind of, but not really, in the market for a house?

I am truly grateful for my home. And there are so many things I love about it. But there are a few things that I want differently... Like a barn with a few more acres so I can have a few horses. I love my town. I would like to find a barn with more acres in my exact town. We would never actually move unless we found the perfect house, which probably doesn't exist, so we are most likely staying put.

We really just love real estate. Looking and seeing what is out there. We love looking online but don't usually go to a showing, but this time we did. We liked it, but certainly didn't love it. I love my house much more. And that was that.

Then yesterday I hit the flea market. It didn't have much but I did find a beautiful blue vintage seltzer bottle made in Czechoslovakia. It's very pretty and very heavy. I would like to find about 4 or 5 more of these while out antiquing. I love the different shades of soft blue. Here is the one I bought:

This is how I would like to display a few of them. Just a soft accent to a room.

All in soft shades of blue. I love how this looks in this room.

This one is pretty in pink. I love.

Wishing you a happy Monday and a week full of sweet little joys.

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