Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ooh La La...

I had a little break during my day today; so what did I do? Why run to my favorite antiques store, of course!

What I saw there was beautiful {and expensive. I didn't realize how expensive it was until I squinted my eyes at the price to make sure I read it right...}

I WANT a French armoire! I don't NEED one, but I want one. The one I saw today was beautiful, but not spectacular. I want a showstopper of an armoire. Eye candy. If it looked like any of these armoires below, I would have plunked down my money in a heartbeat. Just take a look for yourself!!

Look how ornate, with two mirrors. Simply stunning.

A single mirror, in a lovely shade of distressed grey.

Glass doors and the inside painted in a deep sea blue. Gorgeous!

In a natural wood. Just breathtaking.

With glass doors. Oh how I would love this in my bedroom...

I will own one of these one day; as soon as I can find the perfect one. The one I saw today was French inspired, but it wasn't on the level of these magnificent armoires. The only problem is my husband... he will probably think it's too feminine. But... I think if he understands how badly I need want this, he will come around.

Wish me luck in my search!

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