Friday, February 28, 2014

Mix It Up...

Most of the time with my decorating I stay neutral... Grays, whites, creams, beiges, etc.

Like this pretty room:

But when I see a room like this:

boom... I want it. I actually have a similar sofa like that that my husband's grandmother left to us. It is waiting for us in my in-laws basement. We just need to pick it up and reupholster it... But I get a little nervous about it... I feel like there is a fine line between something looking chic versus something looking like grandma's. Do you know what I mean with that? Maybe it's just me. I want my sofa to look chic, not like it came from my grandma's attic is all I mean. Even though I love grandma and all.

And that wallpaper... I mean, drool worthy! I don't like wallpaper, but that is just so interesting and fun to look at. Which would mean that I would probably get sick of it in 5 months, but who's counting.

So sometimes I love neutrals, but sometimes I veer towards color. Who cares. I don't want my house to be all "one style." I love eclectic. Just like my wardrobe. Sometimes I love a good preppy outfit from J. Crew, other days I love boho style from Anthropologie. It depends on my mood. But there are no rules; that's how I see it anyway! Just have fun.

Happy Friday Loves.


pics: via pinterest

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