Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vintage Wrought Iron Patio Set...

Good morning!

It is snowing hard this morning but thankfully we are safe and sound. We have everything we need, but I'm just hoping the power doesn't go out.

Anyway, I have been looking for a wrought iron patio set for about 6 months now. I refinished one last summer and debated about keeping it or selling it. I ended up selling it. But now I need to find a new one. I want it for my sunroom {which is exactly where the woman who bought it was going to put it.} My sunroom has been low on the fixer-up list, so this Spring I would like to actually make it a "sunroom" rather than a storage room.

My fixer-up list seemingly has no end lately. I want to refinish all of my hardwood floors in a dark stain, I want to give every room a fresh new coat of paint, I want to buy a new sofa for my living room, etc, etc, etc. I have a list a mile long, while simultaneously being grateful for what I do have.

I wish I could dare to attempt to refinish my hardwoods myself... Is that even possible? Nicole Curtis makes it look so easy! It would save tons of money; if I didn't ruin them first.

Below is the patio set I refinished last summer. It was rusty and chippy white paint with vinyl yellow seats. I painted her a pretty hummingbird green color and reupholstered the chairs with fun indoor/outdoor fabric. This is exactly what I'm looking for to refinish again for my sunroom. Vintage wrought iron glass top table and 6 chairs. It will be the springboard for my new sunroom!

If you see one, please let me know!


Stay safe and warm today.


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