Thursday, February 6, 2014

French Market Baskets...

Someday I envision myself traipsing through the flea markets of France buying all sorts of vintage goodies, then off to the local markets to buy fresh cheese, bread and flowers along with a bottle of wine. Stopping at every little bakery and street market to pick up this or that. Oh but where to put all of my treasures? A girl can't carry an ugly old sack around France, right? What would I use? These lovely handcrafted French market baskets made of water reed or palm leaf. They are so reasonably priced that I just might have to order one... or two... or three.

I adore all of these French market baskets by French Girl. I would love one of each, but that would be going a little overboard. Other than taking these to the market, there are so many uses for them... stashing yarn in, my yoga mat, lunch, books, anything really. They are the perfect size and more importantly, so chic.

I think this next one has to be my favorite, though I really do love them all...

This one is a close second to my favorite.

Is it just me, or are these market baskets true artisan beauty? I wonder how long each one takes to make?


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