Saturday, September 20, 2014

30 Day Challenge... Day 6... The Splurge... Gulp

Well happy weekend to you!

It's not often that I splurge on myself...

I very rarely get my nails done {only if I have a big event} and lately I have been doing my own pedicures. I bought a few cute colors for my toes and figured I'd save the money by doing them myself.

I get my hair cut and highlighted once every 3 or 4 months.

I don't really buy expensive makeup {except foundation... to avoid any breakouts!}

I don't go shopping all that much and I will hit up the outlets or consignment shops, not the pricey high end stores.

I will admit, I do indulge on boots. Tall leather riding boots. I buy a new pair each fall because I wear the heck out of them so they need to be comfortable and pretty.

I paint the interior of my home myself, rather than hiring a painter.

I would just rather save money than spend it.

Spending it can stress me out sometimes.

But today, oh today... I splurged more than I've ever splurged in my whole life.

I had been driving my SUV for many years. I loved {and still love} her. She took great care of me and got me everywhere I needed to go. But she was getting on in age... Lots of miles. I didn't care because I loved her so much. Well, that changed today.

I bought myself a new car! And it's a super fancy new car! I'm not all that into brand names but this one is a gem...

We kept my old SUV too because she still has miles left in her. She is big and roomy and I can pack a lot of stuff in those 4 doors.

My new car is way smaller but way more luxury. I'm kind of in love and it's only been 1 day. A car is still just a car, a piece of metal, and it is not what fills my heart. People and love fill me up inside.

But splurging every so often on yourself is a good thing! We are all worthy of a good splurge every now and then, right? We work hard... We save... We splurge from time to time.



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