Friday, September 19, 2014

30 Day Challenge... Day 5: Things Are Just Things... Well, Unless They're Not...

Hi there.

For the most part, I don't covet things. I have an abundance of love in my life and that is what makes me happy.

But... the other day I was looking through my house and I started to wonder what I have that either came from or once belonged to the ones I love. Things with history. Family history. Or at least a story or good memory attached to it.

At first I was a little upset because I couldn't think of anything really.

Ah, but then... I went room to room and looked. I mean really looked. And I actually noticed I have a lot of things that have meaning to me.

Starting with my kitchen: my brother gave me an original etching of a rabbit that I framed and hung on the wall. It looks lovely and when I look at it, I think of him. I also have various vintage kitchen items that I bought while out antiquing with that same brother, so though they weren't in the family, they have meaning to me because we had so much fun together that day.

My dining room: I have an old wooden cabinet that I keep wine in that was mine when I was a baby {only my mom kept my tiny little clothes on its shelves instead.} I painted it and love how it looks in my dining room. Then, here is the kicker... My husband's grandfather was a physician and he had this large cabinet with glass doors that he kept his medical supplies in. It is a gorgeous piece, but more than that, it has family history. And guess where it is? In my garage holding all my paint supplies. Um, seriously?! What was I thinking! So this weekend, we are bringing it inside, dusting it off and displaying it prominently in my dining room where it should have been all along!

Then to my living room: I have several show riding helmets displayed on top of my armoire that were mine and my sister-in-law's from when we were little. Love them. I also have an old wooden chest that was my mom's that I keep all my wrapping paper and ribbons in. It's so perfect. There is a desk in my living room too that was my mom's that I painted and it sits in the corner of my room. Looks great.

We have handmade Persian rugs that were my in-laws. We have my husband's great-uncle's crystal stemware. I have a precious Christmas decoration that was my mom's from when we were little. It's my favorite decoration from back then. I have a Halloween witch from her as well that is really, really old. We have many cool vintage santas from my father-in-law. We have two dressers that were my father-in-laws when he was a little boy. My mom is going to give me a sign from my great grandmother's antiques shop.

Whoa. I guess we do have quite a few things from family. They certainly don't need to have any monetary value, just sentimental value. I really do hate things and clutter in my home. But these are not just things. These are treasures and what makes my house my home!



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